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Using MoneyGuidePro® to Plan for your Needs, Wants, and Wishes - Now and In Retirement

Using MoneyGuidePro® to Plan for your Needs, Wants, and Wishes - Now and In Retirement

| March 09, 2020
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I have been helping clients (specifically Chiropractors) create their personal financial plans for over 20 years now.  In fact, I'm the 3rd Generation planner in my family.  My grandfather started in 1949 and I'm blessed to be able to work everyday with my father professionally.  I like to stay on the cutting edge of financial planning.

Recently, we have been licensed to use a tool that is just incredible.  Introducing MoneyGuidePro®.  This simple, yet complex, financial technology helps connect the client to me as a financial planner.  It is a technology tool that I can use to help create a customized plan for the client and it also allows the client to stay involved and interactive on their own with the plan. 

With this plan you start by gathering and inputting data just as you would with TurboTax.  Literally, just after minutes, you have set a course to tell you the probability of meeting your goals, wants, and wishes.  My favorite part:  The Confidence Meter.  

After running a Monte Carlo simulation of 1,000 Trials this technology will give you a probability of success that is very visual.  Obviously, you want to be in the Green Zone with your plan.  The cool part, you can check into each one of those 1,000 trials and see what happened to go right OR wrong.

My second favorite part about MoneyGuidePro®:  My clients can have access to this technology on their own.  They have their own portal to log into at anytime.  They can login from their office or at home on the couch.  Not only can they login, but they can play with the plan and make adjustments on their own to see how it effects their probability of success.  How cool is that!!!

At the end of the day after working together on a plan, I present my recommendations to the client.  The client can see how my recommendations effect their probabilities of successfully achieving their needs, wants, and wishes.

If you haven't checking our MoneyGuidePro®, I highly recommend getting with your financial professional and working with this technology to build a better financial plan.

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